Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Real "Freshman 15".. Except it's only 10.

So. Life in college. It's pretty crazy, even though I live at home. But I love it. and it has bequeathed me with some knowledges. Here they are.

The 10 things I learned my first month  of College: 

 1) Concept Retention: Unlike high school, falling asleep on your textbook and hoping to learn by osmosis isn't gonna cut it.

-Oddly enough, we actually theorized if this could really be possible. Needless to say, it's a work in progress...

 2) Undeniable Truth: No matter how many times you try to rub a lamp to get three wishes, pay someone else to do it, or attempt to sell your soul to the devil, your homework will still be sitting there at 11:30 at night, unfinished.
-As I have learned, homework is so evil even the devil won't touch it.

3) Perspective: Sometimes it's ok to just take a 4.5 out of 10 on a low weighted homework assignment instead of ending up in the state hospital.
-I mowed the lawn for the state hospital. I've seen what happens. not pretty.

4) Procrastination: If you're not procrastinating your homework and hanging out with friends instead in college, you better be a graduate student or something.
-As Calvin and Hobbes always said, "leaving my homework till the last minute teaches me important life lessons."
"Such as?"
"Procrastination and Rationalization."

5) Organization: A way for college kids to fit more crap into less time.
-Blindly scheduling 7 time consuming events in addition to school and studying before the hours of 5 PM is not wise. Note to self: find a personal assistant/ paper planner. 

6) Balance:Too much studying=boring, bland and socially inept.
-life is really REALLY boring when you don't live on campus with your friends, and don't have an all sports pass. can't wait for winter semester...

7)  Reality Check: College=busy
- homework isn't all I have to do on a given night. I still have to fix a computer, get my clothes ready for an interview, fufill my calling, help around the house where I can and I have a job. Livin' it up Right?

8) Rationalization: Facebook is of Satan. 
-I get on to type a paper or look at a syllabus, and I always end up there. It's the slippery slope of time wasting. "I'll only be on for a second... haha funny cats... shut up no one likes drama... Holy Cow! 3 hours?!?"

9) Food: An empty stomach is an empty mind which means bad grades.
-it's totally true. I can't focus on homework or anything until I've eaten. It's ridiculous how much I spend because I forget to bring food from home too. Anyone wanna open a Macey's in my backpack?

10) Sleep: The old addage holds true. You have three options, Sleep, Good Grades, and a Social Life; chose two. 
-I actually had to give myself a curfew to get my friends (who aren't going to college, they don't understand yet) out of my house so I can get sleep!

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